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The Details

If you are looking for a little more information before making your decision, here's where you will find it. We've organized this into Questions and Answers. If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us and we'll answer them for you.

Q. Okay, what are my costs with BDR Barter now, a month from now, next year, etc. What does it really cost?

Here's the straight scoop. There is no cost to join. Some companies charge $195, $395, even $595 as a membership fee. We don't. We have no monthly fees either. The only fees are transaction fees of 5% per transaction. These cash fees cover staff, rent, telephone, utilities, exchange fees, and a number of other the 5% is a pretty fair deal!

Q. Do I have to put everything I have for sale on barter? Do I have to accept every trade? What if I don't want to barter during my busy season?

Excellent questions. No, you can barter some or all of your products and/or services. You decide. No, you do not have to accept every trade. Again, the timing might not be right, you might be low on inventory, etc. Just as you have control over every cash sale, you have control over what you do and do not barter. Some companies get too busy to accept barter during a busy season. That's perfectly understandable. Cash comes first; barter is a supplement.

Q. Can I put something up for sale, half cash, half barter?

Exchange rules permit a split when the regular selling price of the item is over $2,000. The first $2,000 of a single transaction must be 100% barter, and then beyond that it is negotiable as long as it meets the guidelines as listed in the online store (40% cash/60% trade after the first $2000.00). The main purpose of a barter exchange is to facilitate, well, barter! It would become awkward if you went to a dentist and he said that he would clean half of your teeth on barter, and the other half on cash. So, the rule is, barter for the first $2,000, and then make adjustments thereafter. There are certain Pass Through charges such as parts and building supplies that are exempt from these guidelines, feel free to discuss this with your broker prior to joining.

Q. What about shipping, or sales tax and tips at a restaurant, or a hotel?

There are exceptions, and you just pointed them out. Shipping can be barter, and sometimes is for something that can be sent through the US Mail, like a gift certificate, but for the most part, shipping for products is paid in cash, not barter. Typically businesses will accept major credit cards, or have a PayPal account to accept credit card payments. A rare few will require a money order or a check. Sales tax and tips are paid in cash since they do not go to the selling company.

Q. Is everything I want available 100% of the time?

Bartering isn't exactly like going to the Mall. You have to be a little proactive. You will want to look through the member directory and become familiar with member companies and their offerings. You'll want to read through the newsletter that will get emailed to you each day, which lists new products and services. By and far, you'll want to look through the Barter Store and related directories to find out what is available.